OHSU Launches New NBIA Testing Panel

The NBIAcure team has exciting news to share! The Knight Diagnostic Lab at OHSU has launched a brand new panel that can test for all the NBIA disorders at once. This panel can be a useful diagnostic tool when an individual suspected of having NBIA has symptoms that don’t match just one NBIA disorder. Our understanding of the NBIA disorders is always evolving, and the spectrum of symptoms for certain disorders is expanding with each new diagnosis. Individuals who may not have been diagnosed based on our previous knowledge are now being identified using new technology, like this NBIA panel. Along these same lines, this new test can also be useful in cases when an individual suspected of having NBIA has already tested negative for one or two forms of NBIA. Rather than doing testing for each disorder one by one, which can be time consuming and expensive, the individual could be tested for all the NBIA disorders at once with a single test.

If you are a clinician, the link below will take you to the Knight Diagnostic Lab’s page for the NBIA panel. It includes additional information about the test and how to order it. Only a physician can order this test, so if you are interested in this test for yourself or a family member, please talk to your doctor.

The NBIA Panel

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